Indie Gala Doorways Bundle with AirBuccaneers!

Indie Gala Doorways bundle has just launched and AirBuccaneers is in it!

The bundle is divided on two tiers: 1 USD gets you AirBuccaneers, Oknytt and Unhack. Second tier adds Doorways Chapters 1 & 2, Huntsman: the Orphanage, Not the Robots, Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold and Postmortem: One Must Die to the mix, plus three other games to be revealed later on.

For the first 24 hours second tier is discounted to 3,49 USD! After that the second tier price goes to 5,59 USD.

Grab the Indie Gala Doorways bundle from here!

FPS Warriors 2 Bundle Extended!

If you still hadn’t grabbed the Bundle Stars FPS Warriors 2 bundle, no need to worry as it has been extended until March 6th. The bundle gets you 8 awesome games, including AirBuccaneers.

Grab the bundle here:

Bundle Stars

Games included in FPS Warriors 2 bundle:

Gnarly Kings of Air – Group for Scheduled AirBuccaneers Matches

Some active members of the AirBuccaneers community have set up a new group for organizing scheduled matches. The previous group suffered from a name which was unlinkable due to Steam’s censor filters.

The new group is called Gnarly Kings of Air

You can find it here:

Join the group and fight for the domination of the skies!

Important AirBuccaneers Security Announcement


This announcement applies if you had an AirBuccaneers Forum account or you purchased AirBuccaneers through the website. 


Some time late December 2013 the website and were attacked by hackers. Once the hack was noticed we quickly took down all our websites and forums.

After a thorough investigation into the matter we have concluded that hackers were also able to breach the AirBuccaneers Forums. This means that the hackers had access to information stored on the AirBuccaneers Forums, such as user email addresses and salted forum password hashes.

No actual forum passwords were stored on the server. Only salted password hashes were stored on the server. So the hackers didn’t have access to the forum passwords themselves. Regardless, we highly recommend that if you used same password in any other services you change them as soon as possible.

The hackers had access to email addresses used to purchase AirBuccaneers through our website All other information related to AirBuccaneers purchases made through website is completely safe as these transactions were fully handled by Paypal and no data was stored on our server.

All AirBuccaneers player data is completely safe as it is stored in a separate server.


No actions are required on your part regarding AirBuccaneers game account or forum account. 

Everyone possibly affected by this has been contacted about the situation.


Since the incident we have significantly boosted our website security and the forums are currently kept down until further notice. Once the forums are brought back, we’ll prompt all users to change their passwords.

We are deeply sorry about this incident and any inconvenience this might cause you.

With apologies,
LudoCraft Team

AirBuccaneers on Bundle Stars!

Bundle Stars has kicked off a FPS Warriors 2 bundle with 8 awesome games including AirBuccaneers! Grab it from here.

Bundle Stars

Games included in FPS Warriors 2 bundle: