Tons of News: AirBuccaneers HD goes IndieGoGo, Väinämöinen Explained & 50 000 Accounts Challenge

Hello to you all fans! For this week we’ve got tons of news for you.  Here’s the key points nicely broken down into their own sections.

AirBuccaneers HD goes IndieGoGo

We’ve launched a campaign in IndieGoGo! This is just one way of spreading information on AirBuccaneers HD to more people, but it is also another way to purchase the game. We also added some more stuff into the Pre-Purchase packs of AirBuccaneers HD. Naturally if you had already made a purchase through our shop earlier you’ll get all of the extras that were added now. And you also receive all said extras if you purchase now through our shop.

Here’s a heart warming plea of help from the poor Vikings:

And here’s a descriptive table on the contents of the packs. The last two packs are only available via IndieGoGo.

AirBuccaneers HD IndieGoGo Tiers

Help any way you can:
AirBuccaneers Shop / IndieGoGo
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The Last Song of Väinämöinen explained

Last week we threw this trailer out to the world:

There was lots of commotion about this video and about the events it depicts. We’ll here’s the truth:

The Last Song of Väinämöinen is the most devastating weapon of mass destruction ever seen in video gaming history. The player can summon the Old God, Väinämöinen, to the battlefield. Once summoned Väinämöinen ascends onto the battlefield and starts to play the Last Song with his Kantele (Traditional Finnish instrument.) made from the jawbone of giant pike. As Väinämöinen plays his song, the crust of the earth shatters, trees burst into flames, rivers boil away and ultimately the whole universe collapses on itself. And then there’s only silence.

But the gods are fickle and like always, there’s a catch. The players can only use this weapon of mass destruction once. That is ONCE EVER. Not once per round. Not once per server or battle. Once. Ever. Period.

Also, only those who purchase the game before the release of the Alpha version – that is before 28th of February – will get this weapon.

These weapons come available at the Beta stage or possibly at Gold stage. When they do, we’ll be tracking the amount of unused Last Song’s on the AirBuccaneers HD website.

So if you haven’t bought the game yet, act soon as there’s only two weeks left to get the Last Song of Väinämöinen.

50 000 Accounts Challenge

Right now the development of AirBuccaneers HD is in dire need of your help. We ask that you tell your friends about this game, make them test it and get the fire of buccaneering burning in their hearts. We ask that you make Let’s Play videos, tutorial videos, fan trailers and spread them around. We ask that you go to different gaming forums and tell people about this game. We ask that you demand gaming magazines, blogs and news sites to look into this game and write about it.

So why would you do this?

Of course so that the game may live and we all can take to the skies and keep on buccaneering in the future too. But as an added incentive we have a competition going: If we sell at least 50 000 game accounts before the launch of the Beta version – which will happen on E3 2012 – we’ll give everyone who bought the game before said Beta release even more extra stuff. These include:

  • Exclusive Beard that will give a special boost to your character
  • Exclusive Peg leg that will give a special boost to your character
  • Exclusive Crow that will sit on your character’s shoulder and give a special boost to your character
  • Exclusive Grog Mug which you can consume once per round and which will give your character a special boost
  • Hidden Extra Super Bonus to be revealed later on

And remember that only Pre-Purchasers get the superbly unique The Last Song of Väinämöinen feature.

AirBuccaneers Shop News

I have been rather quiet for a long while now. Contemplating possible business models for a game like this can be rather challenging and time consuming. Anyway, I finally have some news for you regarding the possibility of purchasing this fine piece of entertainment.

The AirBuccaneers Shop should open within a week or so, if we’re all lucky. If not,  then in January 2012 at latest. Next to just buying the game, we have been planning on couple of more interesting and a bit different spending options for those of you who want to reach your hand a bit further in helping to bring this game to reality. Those options will not be available on the shop’s initial launch though.

Also I can tell you that from all of those who buy early enough (We are talking about the Pre-Alpha phase) few lucky ones (Or many lucky ones, depending on the amount of Pre-Alpha versions that are sold.) will get their hands on something truly unique, special and never before seen in gaming. And yes, it is related to this picture.

Early adopters will also receive a bunch of extra stuff that can’t be acquired later on even with money.

What about the price then? Well, I can’t really say at the moment, but we’ll throw in an extra game account for every purchase. You know, so you have something nice to give to your friends.


I have amicably been asked to write a small introduction about myself. So without further ado…

My name you shall not be told nor the year which I was graciously put on this planet but I can and will tell you that I was born in Davos, Switzerland where I also spent most of my childhood. Davos is known for hosting the annual World Economic Forum meeting which brings together several important leaders in business and politics and selected intellectuals to discuss the world pressing issues of the moment.

When I turned nine my father’s work – he is an economist – took us to New York, United States. So I ultimately grew up in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. That’s enough about that. I studied economics in Columbia University and I have worked for certain banks and financing corporations in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

My hobbies include fencing – which I much too rarely have time for nowadays – watching films by Fritz Lang and Alfred Hitchcock and listening to classical compositions – mostly Mozart and Camille Saint-Saëns, although I must admit to being a quite big fan of the Queen. I also read quite a lot – though mostly books about economics, business models and marketing schemes. I do however occasionally throw some Frisch or Poe in there somewhere.

Now the question in the air is presumably “Who is this man and why is he writing in here?” The answer is very simple. I was hired by LudoCraft Ltd. to create the perfect business model for their newest creation – AirBuccaneers HD – or High Definition if you so desire.

The next question I am pretty sure is “How did he end up there doing that?” Well, once again the mysteries of the world are rather simple and straightforward: During one of my many business travels to the rather pleasant city of London in United Kingdom I met a rather lovely lady – Marianne who I ended up marrying. Now this meant moving into the cold and dark wilderness of Oulu, Finland which was the most insane move I had ever done. Since I had already started my slow descend towards insanity (of some sort), accepting a job offer through one of her contacts was a rather small step to take. Even though it was for a company I had never heard of and on a business area I knew absolutely nothing about. Even though I have never been a “gamer” of any sorts I’ve always hungered for challenges. And this will – personally – be a big one.

Now I know – through my gifts of immense marketing research powers – that you are scratching your heads and wondering: “What in the world will this guy come up with?” Well, that is something that I will shed a light on in future posts.


Mr. Valuator

PS. That is not my last, first or middle name for it is the nickname I have chosen. I’ve been lead to understand that it is common in this field of business and entertainment for people to use these “nicknames” in certain communication mediums.