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Pre-Alpha and Alpha Purchasers Soundtracks

Now that the AirBuccaneers Soundtrack is done and released to the world, we’ll be sending redeem codes to all of you who during Pre-Alpha or Alpha bought an AirBuccaneers account including a digital download of the soundtrack. The codes will go out later today so check your emails.

The soundtrack can be redeemed from Bandcamp.com and redeeming doesn’t require a Bandcamp account.

AirBuccaneers Soundtrack Available!

AirBuccaneers Soundtrack is now available at Bandcamp.com! You can get the amazing soundtrack by Harri Karppinen as a digital download for 8 euros or as one of the very limited set of physical copies for 15 euros. Click here to go to our Bandcamp page and give the soundtrack a test listen!

AirBuccaneers Soundtrack 01
AirBuccaneers Soundtrack 02
AirBuccaneers Soundtrack 03

AirBuccaneers 75% Off at GreenManGaming

GreenManGaming.com has launched another Indie Weekend and AirBuccaneers is 75% Off! Click here to grab it now!


Steam Summer Sale: AirBuccaneers 75% Off!

It is once again that time of year when Steam launches their famous Summer Sale with insane amount of great deals. AirBuccaneers is one those deals with 75% off the price! Grab it quick!


IndieFort Multiplayer Bundle!

GamersGate has just launched IndieFort Multiplayer Bundle! It has three awesome multiplayer games for low price of 6.99 EUR / 6.99 USD / 6.49 GBP: AirBuccaneers, Awesomenauts and Sanctum! There are also extra content to be unlocked. The IndieFort Multiplayer Bundle will run until July 11th.

GamersGate IndieFort Multiplayer Banner

Vectorama 2013 Over, Congrats to Tournament Winners

Vectorama 2013 is over, battles have been fought and winners have risen from the hordes of fierce fighters. Congrats to the winners of AirBuccaneers Tournament, and also to the winners of all other competitions.

AirBuccaneers Deal at Amazon Indie Games Store

Amazon.com launched their Indie Games Store yesterday and to celebrate they have tons of great deals on indie games! One of these deals is the awesome Indie Action Pack which gets you AirBuccaneers and 9 other cool games for 9.99 USD! Grab it here!


AirBuccaneers Tournament at Vectorama 2013

There will be an AirBuccaneers Tournament at Vectorama 2013 LAN Party (site in Finnish). Tournament starts today at 22:00 Finnish time with qualifying matches and culminates at finals on Saturday. The winning team will go home with signed copies of AirBuccaneers Soundtracks.

If you’re at Vectorama this year, take part in the AirBuccaneers Tournament and most importantly, remember to have fun!

AirBuccaneers Mac Closed Test

AirBuccaneers for Mac has entered closed final testing phase. Everyone who had AirBuccaneers on Steam yesterday should have now received the Mac version of AirBuccaneers too.

If you run into any issues with the Mac version, please let us know on our forums or send us email at support@airbuccaneers.com.

This test phase will run for a short while to find and iron out the last possible issues with the Mac build. We aim to get the Mac version fully released within coming weeks.

Amazon.com Deal: AirBuccaneers 67% Off!

AirBuccaneers is on sale at Amazon.com with 67% off the price. Activates on Steam. Go grab it quick!